What you should know about Baby Zoe Sesame Street

baby zoe sesame street

Baby Zoe is a popular character featured on the hit children's show Sesame Street, a show that has been a favorite for generations. This unique multi-pack of socks for toddlers and infants includes sets with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Baby Zoe, with hard bottom shoes, sturdy strap sneakers and hi top laces. They come with grippers for traction, so your kids can run around safe and wild just like their favorite Wild Kratts characters. This fun and practical collection is designed to make toddlers look just like Baby Zoe while giving them the 'grown-up' look that kids love, with sizes varying from infant to toddler. With this complete set of multi-pack Baby Zoe socks, shoes, and laces, your kids can explore and play, just like they see on Season 4 of Wild Kratts, with the added bonus of comfort, security, and style.

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