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funnel vision challenges

Funnel Vision is an online content platform that produces a wide variety of content, primarily sketch comedy and vlogs. They are well known for the family-friendly entertainment they create, including humorous skits, vlogs, travel shows, birthday celebrations, and memorable games. The family’s content entertains people of all ages, and they have become especially popular for the quirky and fun challenges that they compete in.

The Funnel Vision family consists of six members, all of whom bring something unique to the table. The patriarch of the family, Dad (aka Chas Laughlin), is the most directly involved in creating and producing the videos, along with his wife and soulmate, Mom (aka SouthHeather). Four kids make up the rest of the team: Alex, Chase (aka LaurDIY), Michael, and Lucy. They are known for their endearing spirit and their relentless dedication to putting out humor-filled content for their viewers.

One of Funnel Vision’s most successful series is their “challenges”. Challenges are a fun way for viewers to experience the family’s energy in a virtual space, no matter where they are located. The videos usually consist of the family members competing in hilarious competitions, like races, eating contests, and other games. Each competition is designed to test the skills of each family member and to see who can come out the victor. Their energy and enthusiasm towards the challenges make them highly entertaining and engaging videos.

Another staple of the Funnel Vision channel is their travel shows. The family travels around the world, discovering new cultures and experiencing breathtaking sites. They document their trips by vlogging, which highlights their unique personalities and captures the beauty of their destinations. Through these videos, viewers are exposed to some of the most exotic and breath-taking places in the world.

The Funnel Vision family also celebrates birthdays and holidays in unique and memorable ways. They pull out all the stops for each of their birthday celebrations, creating and memorable activities and decorations for each of their family members. On special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays, they create one-of-a-kind and unforgettable videos to share with family and friends.

Funnel Vision has managed to establish itself as an online powerhouse due to their fun and family-friendly content. Through their trademark skits, vlogs, travel shows, birthdays, and challenges, they have created an outstanding platform to showcase their personalities, energy, and creativity. Their commitment to creating quality and relatable content resonate with viewers all over the world.

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